Case Study: Karavan Trailers

Karavan Website Scene



Innovative design and high manufacturing standards have them edging out the competition, year after year. They are the supplier of choice for the #1 ranked boat manufacturer, #1 personal watercraft manufacturer, and #1 home improvement retailer. And they repeatedly rank as the #1 independent trailer manufacturer in boat trailer sales.

They came to us with one problem: their first-rate product had second-rate visual content.


We launched the project with lifestyle photography of their five product categories: boat, personal watercraft, pontoon, utility, and industrial. The vivid imagery brings their product to life and showcases how each trailer can be used in everyday scenarios.



While most of our product photography is done in our studio, when we considered the logistics and cost of transporting dozens of large trailers from point A to point B, we quickly realized this wasn't practical. As a solution, we proposed using CGI to create photorealistic 3D renders of their products.
Aside from the logistical convenience and cost-savings, CGI gave Karavan several additional advantages:
• Consistent lighting, texture, and color across the brand
• Flexibility to update an image if design changes are made
• Ability to render future products prior to manufacturing


Karavan trailers have many complex components that cannot be demonstrated through still images alone. To assist dealers and distributors in educating the consumer about these unique features and benefits, we created three feature explainer videos. These videos also give Karavan the opportunity to compare their products to competing products. 



The photography, computer generated images, and videos created by Image Studios can be found on Karavan's website and product overviews.

30 photographs
3 videos
104 CGI images

 "From the initial ‘can you create a digital image of a trailer’ question to where we ultimately got to as a team… it’s pretty impressive. The output speaks for itself. Our customers are loving your work, and we at Karavan could not be happier.

"You took some challenging concepts to communicate (step test, adjustable axle) and you nailed it... a testament to your ability to take the ideas [we] were conveying, boil it down, and create the right imagery to quickly communicate in simple terms. Well done Image team!" 

Jim Curtin
President of Karavan Trailers