Commercial Food Photography

Food photography is a photography genre used to create attractive still life's of food. At Image Studios we've been specializing in food photography since our very early days. We’ve photographed food for packaging, magazines, billboards, menus, cookbooks, broadcast television spots, websites, social media sites and just about any place you can think to advertise. The challenge is often to enhance, or exaggerate the size, or the beauty of a product, capturing food with the most appetite appeal. Food photography takes a photographer with an eye for lighting and composition, a food stylist, a prop stylist, and lets not forget the art direction; all to create the dynamic look that motivates or inspires the viewer.

At Image, food photography can be many things to us. People eating food, making food, food served on a plate, and even uncooked food in a box. Yes, food photographed in a box and raw, known as GS1 Photography. This is yet another area of expertise for Image Studios. This photography follows GS1 standards and rules that are required for the storage of digital images associated to products.

So if you're a foodie like many of us, you might appreciate all this food talk and different types of photography that we offer. Contact us today to find out whats cooking in our studio! We can't wait to dish it up for you!

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