3 Reasons You Should Consider Animated Video

Audience attention is a limited resource. And by "limited", we mean that Microsoft found the average person's attention span to be a mere 8 seconds. Yikes.

Your marketing strategy has to evolve to meet today's digital lifestyle. To connect with your audience, you need rich media that will defy expectations and get people to remember your business. Whether you're explaining a process, introducing your product, or giving an overview of your company, your content needs to be relevant, concise, and personal.

How can you possibly do all of that in such a small window of opportunity? What's the most efficient and effective way to get your message across?

The solution: animated video.

Of all the visual mediums, animated video is one of the most dynamic and engaging. It simplifies complex topics into easy-to-digest content. The versatility enables you to match the mood and style of your message, while staying on-brand. You can break conventional rules by bringing inanimate objects to life, defying the laws of nature, and creating otherwise impossible scenarios. And since everything is rendered in post-production, animation overcomes the limitations of weather, geography, and scheduling.

Okay, we know. We've already exceeded your 8-second window. And to be honest, no amount of text will convey our message as clearly as an animated video would. We'll just let the animations do the "talking"...

Here are three reasons why you should consider animated video:

1. Animated video is SIMPLE

2. Animated video is FLEXIBLE

3. Animated video has STYLE


To see samples of our animated video work:


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