In the Food Industry? Consider "Hands and Pan" Recipe Videos to Market your Product

Food isn't just a basic means of survival.

It's embedded into our culture as a hobby, a form of entertainment, a way to socialize, and a work of art. We connect with others through dinner parties, dining in restaurants, attending food festivals, and browsing farmers markets. We sign up for cooking classes, spend time reading cookbooks, and (strangely enough) watch other people eat food on TV.

Social media is plastered with images of food. Honestly, if you don’t take a picture of your meal, did you really even eat one?

At Image Studios, we've been embracing the foodie frenzy for years; producing mouthwatering food photography for menus, cookbooks, billboards, websites, and food packaging. We are seasoned professionals when it comes to properly lighting and creatively styling food in an appetizing way. Our studio is equipped with endless props and backgrounds to showcase any culinary delight.

So naturally, we've added the biggest viral trend in our food-centric society to our video production repertoire: hands and pan recipe videos (you can check ours out here).

You know the ones. Those mesmerizing 60(ish) second clips of two fast-moving hands tossing together ingredients to create a gastronomic masterpiece. All accompanied by upbeat music and recipe instructions. These viral videos can encourage even the most timid in the kitchen to take a stab at crème brûlée.

Our team has an extra-special knack for all-things-food (see: building a garden to grow our own produce), and food productions are some of our favorites. We can tackle the entire production process for you, providing full, turnkey services: recipe creation, art direction, video editing, model sourcing, and more. Or we can integrate with your team and produce something amazing together.

Sound appetizing?

Contact us at to get something cookin’!