Boost Sales with Great E-Commerce Photography

Boost Sales with Great E-Commerce Photography


The million-dollar question: How can you boost your online sales?

Online retail (AKA ecommerce) competition is fierce. Potential customers are quick to make judgement of a product, which means your first impression has to be solid. While product description and specifications are important, they won’t sell the product on their own.

To stand out from the pack, ecommerce product photography is key! And no - not just any old photo will do. The better your products look, the more you are going to sell. If you want online shoppers to slow their scroll and click “Add to Cart”, your products need to look amazing.

It’s difficult to put a price tag on ecommerce photography.

Have you been getting by with using stock photography? Sure, that's the easiest route to take. But, stock photos won't help you grab customer attention or boost your sales. 

Have you considered attempting to DIY your photos? We're going to stop you right there. This means a lot of trial-and-error and investing in all kinds of unnecessary equipment only to be left with subpar photos and a whole lot of stress.

While there may be cheaper routes to product photography, is that really a risk you want to take? Like it or not, photography quality is a reflection on both your company and the products you're selling. We can promise you, this is one thing worth leaving to a professional.

Shameless Plug Alert!!

Here at Image Studios, we have years of professional experience doing product photography for some of the biggest names in online retail. We produce stand-out photos at a competitive price. Plus, you can count on us to make this whole process as easy and turnkey as possible. We love doing it and we are dang good at it.

So, how might this whole process look?

Well, first, we need to get your product in our hands – whether you prefer to ship it to us or we come pick it up. We take care of booking the models and hiring makeup or hair stylists when needed. Our team spends the time to make sure your product is picture-perfect: steaming, polishing, styling, etc. Once camera-ready, our experts will photograph your product in one of our state-of-the-art studios under proper and documented lighting (FYI - having standardized lighting for all products is critical in making your photos look uniform and cohesive). Those images are then sent to post-production for retouching and clipping paths.

By the time they make their way back to your hands, you’ll be looking at a beautifully curated collection. How nice does that sound?

So, if your product photography is outdated, unimpressive, or nonexistent… Give us a shout at

Boost Sales with Great E-Commerce Photography