Image Studios Rob Resnick Wins 2017 Silver ADDY® District 8 Award

Image Studios Rob Resnick Wins 2017 Silver ADDY® District 8 Award

When you think of “Steampunk” do images of vintage clothing and industrial gadgets reminiscent of Jules Verne’s “2000 Leagues Under the Sea” come to mind? Or maybe you just don’t know what steampunk even looks like or what it all entails.The genre, in it’s essence, is fictional but has a historical relation to the 19th century industrial age and it incorporates technology along with steam power as its source. Photo Retoucher, Rob Resnick, took the opportunity to research and create a steampunk costume for an annual advertising awards banquet. Each year the event chooses a theme and guests can participate by dressing for the occasion. Last year it was Steampunk, and Rob Resnick created his own personalized steampunk costume. He garnered the help of photographer Shane Van Boxtel to photograph him and then decided it would be fun to composite the images into a scene that would reflect the true steampunk genre.

Rob said “I began to ponder what I could create for a composite, which often is dictated by what I have for resources, I.E. photos on hand to use in the composition. A portion of the steampunk genre takes on a Wild West theme so I decided to go that route.”

Rob incorporated a photograph Bill Kapinski had taken of an old Oshkosh truck as his starting point. From there he found a desert background, a more dramatic sky, an old building he had shot along with a vintage bi-plane. He then incorporated other images that would create the feel of the steampunk genre which included part of a steam powered locomotive to transform the truck into a steampunk version. A number of tonal and environmental effects were also added that helped to complete the image.

“My goal in creating this image was to create a scene that was not only visually stimulating but also made you think as well. In the end, I feel I accomplished what I set out to achieve and am thrilled that it has earned such recognition” said Rob Resnick.

The American Advertising Awards (ADDY®) are the nation's largest advertising competition. Each year the competition begins at the local level with 210 AAF clubs across the country. Winners of the local competition are then eligible to compete at one of the 14 regional district competitions. To see a list of the 2017 winners, click here.