Can Computer Generated Images (CGI) Help Your Business?

Can Computer Generated Images (CGI) Help Your Business?

Do you have a great idea for a product, but you aren’t sure if it will be a hit?

Image Studios can provide you with a CGI (computer generated image) solution.

Whoa... Tell me more!

Our team of experienced technical artists can bring your 2D drawings to life with their advanced graphic design and rendering software, creating high-quality photorealistic renders.

Using CGI capabilities, we can create images of products that do not yet exist, allowing you to test market a product before it’s ever produced. As a result, no manufacturing costs are wasted if the idea is a dud.

Are there any other cost savings?

Absolutely! CGI requires less billable hours to produce than a standard photo shoot, there are no pre-production or staging costs, no retouching expenses, and no charges for shipping products to our studio. Also, CGI gives you consistency and a perfect color match every time.

Why choose Image Studios for CGI?

Our experience and equipment drive us forward. Having been in the photography business for over 50 years, we have a very meticulous process when it comes to creating digital images.

CGI is no different. Working in a computer-generated virtual space, we use hi-tech software with the same mindset as if we were working in our photo studio.

Interested in learning more about how CGI can help your business?

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