Image Garden Comes To Fruition

All it took was a long and cold winter for Photographer Shane Van Boxtel to start dreaming about organic vegetable gardens. “I had a vision of building a beautiful garden where employees could take home arms full of organic produce to their families at the end of the day.” Said Photographer, Shane Van Boxtel.

If you take a few steps out the back door of Image Studios today you’ll discover an organic vegetable garden, where cameras and video productions give way to peppers, tomatoes and herbs. Today, employees can slip out for a quick lunchtime weeding or watering and reap the benefits of an occasional harvest.

“It’s a great way to get to know your co-workers outside the studio walls” said Producer Adam Muggenthaler. “It just makes you feel good and more connected to the Image team, not to mention it’s therapeutic, zen-like” said stylist Julie Gardner.

The corporate gardening trend has caught on all over with companies like Google, PepsiCo, Toyota, Aveda and Best Buy. “With a large empty lot behind our studio, I felt, why not build a garden and have some fun with it? This added perk is also a way to build morale, hone team working skills and learn about gardening all at the same time.” Said President, Donna Gehl.

The garden has been a great sense of pride for everyone and a garden tour has already been a point of interest when touring prospective clients through the studio.

Just two month into the project the team is talking about how to do things differently next year, as so much has already been learned.